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Singularity of Mind
Still no one has found
What causes life to exist
The theories and ideas are crazy
Simple things from complex to hazy
Nothing makes sense in a world of mind
Madness and insanity is all that I find
Somehow I know that the truth is the reflection
That mind reacts in reactive dissection
Stretching it out into time and space
Like a thing that never was reflecting what is
Upon a surface that could be
Anything life is
It leads me to limits I never knew
And more confined then ever realization grew
Like a dream forming I farmed my thoughts
And built walls without the limits I was taught
And in my empty room probability was infinite
Understanding became a computer
Of analogy that pivots in feeling
Feeling pivots in analogy echo
And still I can only see, when I stop looking
And still I can only see, when I stop pivoting
A shadowy flicker in corner of my eye
Hiding on my shoulder
In the back of my mind
Something thats not looking
Something not watching
The thing I can never see
As where ever I tur
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Consciousness in Science
The nature of the universe is infinite, the structure of atoms is mostly space, the structure of subatomic particles is mostly space, the continuity of that i have no idea how far, but lets assume infinite. So theres a 0.0000 reaccuring to a potential 1 somewhere infinitely far away.
The whole lot moves in a continuously spiraling motion, like the chakra's and the idea of minature chakras all over the place, the perspective you look at light from is how you see it, wave/particle. On the physical scale of the body, its possible to look at something as if its an optical illusion, especially when its formless circles perpetually overlapping (reflecting light and providing light?).
Our human brain only picks up a small sensory perspective of the frequencies and (space) energy let off by these optics.I now get the feeling that perspective is completely key to what you find, which is why god exists, and at the same time doesn't. But the one fact that is fundamental is consciousness, we all p
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Becca by Thought-Travel Becca :iconthought-travel:Thought-Travel 0 0 Portrait of Alexandra by Thought-Travel Portrait of Alexandra :iconthought-travel:Thought-Travel 0 0
Glass Balls
This glass ball, that i am in
spins so fast, and spins to win
rolling downhill all the way.
My legs now struggle, led astray
and this glass ball is closing in
closing in, on that intrinsic thing.
Soon it will crack and out I'll tumble
over the grass, in a graised stumble
and all around me glass is shattered.
Millions of souls are on this slope
rolling down, breaking into hope
these are the new born,
finally coming into their own.
Out of these stained glass shells they flop,
And look into that deep forest that sits atop,
the mountains...
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I'll tell you forever that i love you
the flow of your hair
and the sound of your voice
how you come and go
and those things that you do
when we are together
and the truth is this fire
gets better with each hour
And holding your hand, or arm in arm
The way you look and walk with that calm
The way you vanish at every fork
As we're away dancing down our own road
Where tree blossoms fall in swirling patterns
and the breeze of our souls ripples through our atoms
trusting to love blowing out the pain
never to die with you in my arms
never to lay with you i'm so calm
and this fire that rages
and rocks through life
Is heaven, hell and earth
a bric-a-brak of our worth
rising through light and shadows
relics of our life born out of tatters
meaningful moments and all that matters...
is that the smile on your face lives on without doubt
and that the sparkle in your eyes never goes out
As love whispered to us a thousand lies
and its words breed in every action
everything that is inspiring
is when
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A Gift of Darkness
You’re the gift in the darkness
The silver ribbons weaving artless
And you’re the one that guides me through
With the simple sins of what you do
Oh I’ll keep you forever in here
I’ll give you forever my ear
Take my eyes and watch them glow
I’ll make you sure and let you know
Reaching up into the cold
Is like sitting back in the warmth
And draping yourself over the moon
Is loving the freezing darkness and gloom
We'll blunder about in the light
And curse reality of what we are
But I’ll never heal that scar
That makes you live
While you live
So come away
Follow me
The paths gloomy
And the lights gone
But I’m here
We know its wrong
Here’s a drink
This time we belong
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I'm falling in love with you over again,
I want to hold you and whisper your name.
Take you to paradise within your heart,
And help you to breathe this, our loves art.
Just say the words and take the time.
Just be beside me and show me the sign;
Of words that will last forever in this play,
As our dreams grow and light up our way.
And let these devils that reside in the souls of others,
Be blind to us and blown away by these who once were lovers.
For here we stand at the point of return.
Could it be only just now that we learn,
That this is something no thoughts can replace,
This is the feeling we need not chase...
I love you...... :)
Your free, a friend forever, a friend i will be
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Senseless Grasp
These words fail my senseless grasp
As I reach for ledges I've never surpassed
And effortless gusts come up from bellow
Blowing me higher into your glow
And the structure we scale
Is so fixed and a-sail
In a destination of here
Which we will never draw near
For knowing you has no peer
And these pictures of illusion
Regard our souls with disillusion
Weaving words before our minds
And seek to bind together time lines
And emergence of this rellussion
Brings to us the fussion
Of life, our cycle
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Lighter Years
You could poison my soul and destroy my mind
Rip me to shreds and strangle me with vine
For whenever I'm with you I feel just fine
And forever I'd burn just to make you mine
I'd set fire to the clouds to show you the sights
Of a thousand light years of love through our nights
And nothing can stop the way that we move
For a life time of woe without you is all I'd lose
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Cold in the Dark
Cold in the Dark
I want to hold the night
Cup it in my hands
Feel every drop
As it slips through my hands
Watch as it falls
And breaks on the ground
And feel the rain beat
So sodden where I stand
The moisture enlivening
The song the world sings
But hear this I don't
All I feel is the sting
Of the cold in the night
Theres no moon light
Its so dark
So dark its alight
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Rites for rights
Rites for Rights
Timeless scrying in liquid nights
Thoughts are racing
Perception chasing
A selfless blade
A minds own shade
With futures of our creation
Small faiths imaginary degradations
Pooled fire in hearts breath
Projecting forward emotional arrest
We're a stream steaming
Relative dreams with need for meaning
Pouncing, for life is as empty as you are
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What are you
I am imaginary
Simply make me what you will
All the things in life are still;
Within the grasp of mind
Within the space of time
Flowing in your unending alteration
A mass
Energy pass
Underneath the body
Underneath the atom
What are you
I float bellow
My oceans flow
You feel me through the life within
For I am the energy to life begin
Such mind of things I do not no
So many things that could grow
Oh show me all
In the unending call
To revolve through the entire universe
Unsolved puzzles carrier for me
Sometime my life must devolve
And in it touch of energy
Where then do 'I' go?
Unto a mass unconscious?
Or something more innocuous?
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Here we sit yearning
The mind and knowledge turning
Growing so fast in thought
Then seeking the rest in the hearts resort
It may just have been doubt
Of a question left without
With too much in life
Or too little to find its nice
And question now the great big why
And seek the holy in the unholy sky
So what is right? And what is wrong?
Why do we search the earth through bombs?
When this,
Illusion is the fusion between the minds in power
Illusion of the infusion
As the minds cast they're rippling shower
And all of us respond
With these unconscious songs
Why kill...? Why Kill...?
Why do we ask this bloody question still?
Anger is as powers must
And strength leaves with the crowds thrust
So I cut into my blade
And in this selfish shade
Seek the violence of the light
And cast out sparks from my hearts life
updated soon
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Within Your Love
Within Your Love
Vision, vision oh tarty sweet
See it now as the mountains meet
Within the mind
Within the eye
Something our love underlined
Two great peaks touch the sky
With might in colour
Red or blue?
They must anew
For all our hopes must ring true
If you said "A dream cannot simply guide!"
I'd say the opposite and say "we'll simply ride!"
Now I may not fear the past
Those are thoughts and are gone pretty fast
But I still sit where I fell
The Infinite Inn the Momentary well
Somethings are changing so fast
As I look around and see that cast
They are so nice
Their talents twice
As much to heal the mind as to find the heart to make a world restart
Resurrections in soul an emotional art
Know all fear
Fear it not, life never has remained in its cot
Let for love and passion again
Eternally lovingly remain
It's simply something to give
Makes some part of life, truly live...
Yet you need not me to tell you this;
Your heart has always rang truer then your kiss
And my love you ring so true
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Mountains Top
Mountains Top
If I finally reach my mountains top
And seems I can't go on
I'll know the sky is only for birds
But whether I find that my wings are raised
Or that my knee's are graised
I'll know infinity
In the silent times
I slipped over the stones
Of noisy streams
Listening to the birds humming
I'll know, I'll know this is home
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